Currently, scheduled collection services are not affected.

Please check back here for any updates or changes to this schedule.

As an essential service, the employees at Milpitas Sanitation (MSI) will continue to work to provide the collection and processing of garbage, recyclables and organics for the City of Milpitas. As we navigate this challenging time, help us continue to provide safe and efficient services. Thank you for your efforts.

KEEP OUR DRIVERS SAFE: properly sort your materials, make sure your container lids close to prevent overflow and litter, bag waste that may have bodily fluids on it and place in the gray garbage side of split containers or the dedicated gray garbage containers.

KEEP OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BILLING STAFF SAFE, USE OUR WEBSITE TO: contact us, fill out service forms, get collection schedule information, set up or use your online account (select the red “Account login” button) to pay your bill, and more.

KEEP OUR NON-DRIVER STAFF SAFE: site visits shall be limited to essential purposes only (for example, following up on a safety issue). Site audits and instructional site visits and similar where non-essential interaction with customer staff or other members of the public is required are suspended until further notice.

We will continue to “roll on” to support our customers. Together we can stay safe and get through this!


Please have your containers ready for service between the hours of 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on your regular collection day. If your containers are not serviced on their regularly scheduled day, we will return on the next service day. For health and safety, please make sure your collection containers lids close and bag all bathroom waste and any products containing bodily fluids and place in the garbage container.

The Walsh Avenue location is closed to the public so as to limit direct interaction. Please contact us by email or phone to arrange payment. We encourage you to use/create an online account to make payments or make service changes. Click here to access or create an account.

Commercial container changes will be limited for the near-term, but we will honor service changes on the customer’s account.

Contact us if you experience any service issues.

Visit here for Santa Clara County updates, information, and guidance on COVID-19.

Click here for the City of Milpitas Updates and Resources.

Visit here for CDC resources and information.


FAQ’S in regards to COVID-19
  • Can I stop service provided by MSI?
    • Weekly garbage service is required by State and local ordinance for occupied residences and businesses in order to maintain public health and safety.


  • Our residence is generating more material (recycling, organics, garbage) now that we’re sheltering in place. Can I put bags of extra material next to my carts for removal?
    • Please help keep our workforce safe by placing all materials within your cart or bin in order to minimize unnecessary contact with materials. If possible, please hold extra materials and place in your cart or bin for the next service day.


  • Is the annual Compost Giveaway Event happening in April?
    • THE MSI COMPOST GIVEAWAY IS POSTPONED. We are working with the City of Milpitas and the County of Santa Clara to determine the best solution per the COVID-19 limitations and regulations currently in place. A new giveaway date will be announced once it is appropriate to do so. Thank you for understanding and keeping your community safe!


  • I’m a business that is deemed “not essential” by the County’s Health Officer and now temporarily closed. Do I need to have service provided by MSI and/or pay my bill for past services provided by MSI?
    • You may temporarily suspend service if your business closed. Please contact MSI by phone or email to make service level adjustments. You are responsible for paying for services provided by MSI.


  • I’m a business that is deemed “essential” by the County’s Health Officer and still open but need we reduced service. How can I make this adjustment?


  • Is the garbage service going to continue as normal during the SIP?
    • Unless MSI’s workforce is directly affected by COVID-19 exposure, garbage service is expected to continue as normal.


  • What happens if MSI doesn’t have enough drivers to provide service?
    • In the event MSI’s workforce is directly affected by COVID-19 exposure and reduced in number, then MSI will continue providing collection service by prioritizing materials collected. Organics and garbage have the highest priority for weekly collection from residents and essential businesses. Recycling has secondary priority for weekly collection from residents and essential businesses.


  • Can I still schedule bulk-item pickups?
    • Yes, bulky-item collection appointments are still being accepted at this time.


  • Can I still request extra debris boxes?
    • Yes, debris box services continue at this time.


  • If my cart breaks, can I still get it replaced?
    • Yes, cart (and bin) replacement services are available at this time.


  • What can I do with e-waste – the normal drop off places are closed?
    • MSI will collect e-waste as part of a bulky-item service at this time.


  • If I want to still get extra bags or tags, how would I get them?If I want to still get extra bags or tags, how would I get them?
    • You may request extra bags or tags by calling or emailing MSI’s customer service department.


  • If there is any interruption in service, is my bill going to be reduced?
    • MSI will work with the City of Milpitas to establish policy on billing/payment in the event there are any disruptions in service due to COVID-19.