Reading List for Pre-K Through Fifth Grade

Compost By Gosh! by Michelle Eva Portman
Starting a worm compost bin at home is easy! This book uses great illustrations and rhyming text to introduce vermicomposting to beginners.

The Garbage Monster by Joni Sensel
While being taken out to the curb by a little girl, the trash turns into a monster. The girl is scared at first but then realizes that most of the monster’s parts are reusable or recyclable. She dismantles the beast and in so doing shows the reader how every family can reduce their waste.

Michael Recycle and Michael Recycle Meets Litterbug Doug by Ellie Bethel
Become an environmental superhero! Michael Recycle visits polluted towns and motivates inhabitants to become green.

The Dumpster Diver by Janet S. Wong
As he delves into the trash each weekend, Steve encourages his young neighbors to see the potential in what other people throw away. With a little imagination, trash can be transformed into treasure!

The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden
A cranky old man grows tired of picking up litter until given a special power by Mother Nature. With this power, the man is able to hold people responsible for their nasty littering habits and he cleans up the town for good.

All the Way to the Ocean by Joel Harper
Two young boys discover that storm drains, lakes, rivers and oceans are connected. The story shows how important it is for every person to do their part and keep our environment clean.

The Three R’s: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by Nuria Roca
Everywhere you go, there are opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost). In this book, the “hows” and “whys” of the Rs are presented in a way that children can understand.