Proper Used Motor Oil/Cooking Oil and Oil Filter Collection

Milpitas Single Family Residents: your curbside collection program includes used motor/cooking oil and used filter collection.

Milpitas single family residents may place up to two (2) gallons of used motor oil or cooking oil (in accepted containers) and properly bagged motor oil filters at the curb for collection.



Oil must be in secure, screw-top 1-gallon container.

Oil filters must be placed in a zipper-lock style bag.

Use the appropriate label(s) to indicate what is in your container(s).

Place containers/bags on the curb (not in the gutter) next to your Blue Recyclables Split Cart for collection.



Used Motor Oil & Cooking Oil Collection Setup




Do not mix oils.

Please keep motor oil and cooking oil in separate containers.

Motor oil and cooking oil only. No other automotive liquids accepted.

2-gallons per customers, per week.

Oil containers and bags can be requested from Milpitas Sanitation. Contact us for more information.